3 Types of Mining: Why You Need to Hire an Electrical Contractor

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3 Types of Mining: Why You Need to Hire an Electrical Contractor

27 November 2017
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Mining is one of the leading industries in Western Australia and is now estimated to be worth $94.8 billion. If you are planning to start a new mining operation, you will first need to establish the type of mining operation is most suitable to extract the coal, minerals or other valuable assets from the ground. Below is a guide to 3 types of mining operations and the equipment you will need to perform each one.


Quarry mining involves digging into the side of a cliff which contains valuable rocks such as limestone and sandstone. Once the rock has been removed from the earth, it will normally be processed before being shipped off for sale. The manner in which it is processed will depend on the final product. If you plan to sell blocks which can be used in construction, you will need to use power tools to cut and shape the rock. If you plan to break down the stone so it can then be mixed with other material during the construction process, you will need to install crushing and milling machines. Electrical contractors can help you to set up generators to ensure that these tools have the power they need.


Solution mining refers to the process of mining minerals by dissolving the material in an industrial well. For example, if you are mining for salt, you can dissolve the earth removed from the mine in water. While heavy minerals and other particles will sink to the bottom of the well, the salt is absorbed into the water. The industrial wells use electrical pumps to move the liquid through the system. Once the liquid has absorbed the mineral salt, it is heated up so that it begins to evaporate. As the water particles turn to gas, they leave behind crystals of salt which can then be harvested. An electrical mining contractor will be able to offer you further advice about the installation and maintenance of electrical pumps used in solution mining.


Longwall mining is predominately used in the coal mining sector. Longwall mining involves using specialist machinery which will work along the wall of a coal seam, cutting and removing chunks of coal. This type of machinery relies on electrical power to keep the blades of the cutting drum turning. You will, therefore, need to hire an electrical contractor who specialises in subterranean systems. The electrical contractor will help to plan and lay the wiring so that your mining equipment can remain operational.  

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