2 Signs an Old Property Needs to Be Rewired

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2 Signs an Old Property Needs to Be Rewired

29 November 2017
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If you are planning to purchase an older property, you may be making a list of renovation work which needs to be carried out on the building before you move in. This will often include replacing appliances, laying new carpets and repairing damage to the walls. However, your list may overlook one vital part of the property - the electrical system. The majority of the electrical wires in a building are hidden beneath the floor and within the wall space, which makes it very easy to forget about them. Below is a guide to 2 signs that you should have a property rewired.

Flickering or dead lights

When you visit the property, you should check that the power supply is connected and switched on at the main panel. As you go from room to room, you should flick the lights on and off. If the lights do not switch on, this could be down to a burnt out lightbulb. While it is possible that every lightbulb in the property has blown, this is unlikely. If the lights do not illuminate, you should change the bulb and perform the test again. If the light will still not work, this suggests a problem with the wiring. If the light is illuminated, you should make a note of the strength and the consistency of the light given off. If this light is very dim or if the light fixture flickers, this also suggests a problem with the electrical wiring. You should call in a contractor and ask them to examine and replace the wiring. 

Low number of power outlets

As you walk around the property, you should also make a note of the number of electrical outlets. If the property is very old, you may notice that it does not contain many outlets. This is because, in the past, a home may only have a handful of electrical appliances in it. However, the modern home relies much more heavily on electricity, which means there is a higher demand for power outlets. While you can solve this problem by using an extension lead which contains a bank of outlets, these systems can easily be overloaded, creating a fire risk. The best course of action is to contact an electrical contractor and request that they rewire the property and install an increased number of brand new power outlets.

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