Common AC Problems and How to Deal With Them

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Common AC Problems and How to Deal With Them

30 November 2017
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Regardless of how often you clean and maintain your air conditioner, it is bound to encounter electrical or mechanical problems along the way. Recognizing what these problems are can clarify what a technician is talking about when discussing the solutions to these problems. Below is an overview of the most common air conditioner problems. 

Faulty wiring

Haphazard, uncertified and semi-skilled installation of an air conditioner is risky and a possible fire hazard. Faulty wiring can trip the circuit breaker and prevent the A/C from getting power. Always hire a licensed professional to help with the installation of your A/C unit.

Refrigerant Leaks

Is your air conditioner low on refrigerant? Then it was either undercharged during installation, or it leaks. And if it leaks, note that simply adding refrigerant does not solve the problem. A skilled technician should handle this type of A/C repair. He/she will fix the leak, charge the unit with the recommended amount of refrigerant and test the repair. The refrigerant charge should always match the manufacturer's specifications. 

Electrical control failure

Over time, the fan and compressor controls might wear out, especially if the air conditioner is regularly turned on and off. Corrosion of terminals and wires might also affect the system. Electrical connections should always be inspected during professional maintenance calls. 

Sensor problems

Room air conditioners have thermostats that measure the temperature of the air flowing to the evaporation coil. The sensor must be in position for accurate measurements. If it is out of position, it should be adjusted during a maintenance call.

The A/C blows warm air

One possible cause of this problem could be dirty filters. The unit could be producing cool air but still not cooling the room as effectively as it should. Regular cleaning of the filters and an overall ac maintenance can take care of the problem. 

Clogged condensation line

When it's hot and humid outside, there is more condensation. The condensate drain should always drain properly. If it doesn't, then it could be clogged. Drainage problems can be as a result of too much dirt, mold, or when insects build nests in the drain line. Rectifying drainage problems requires the assistance of an ac repair technician. 

Regular A/C unit repair and maintenance checkups help prevent ac problems. While it is advisable to troubleshoot your unit to check for causes of performance issues, it is advisable to get help from an air conditioner specialist. Knowledgeable technicians can perform scheduled tune-ups on your unit and prevent simple problems from becoming major repair expenses.