The Top Tips For Getting a Tip-Top Electrician For Your Home

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The Top Tips For Getting a Tip-Top Electrician For Your Home

4 December 2017
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Choosing a residential electrician for your home can be more challenging than most people think. After all, a residential electrician's work can have a large impact upon the safety of your home overall, so you want to find someone well qualified to do the work. Here are the three top tips for choosing the right electrician for your home. 

Is Your Electrician Properly Licensed?

Before you even consider hiring an electrician, it's best to check with the local industry authorities to make certain they're properly licensed. Each area has its own industry authority, and all are members of the larger organisation of the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council. If the local authority is unable to verify that your potential electrician or electricians are licensed, move on to the next one. It's not worth taking chances on your home's safety. 

Once, Twice, and Then Three Times 

It might seem rather time consuming and frustrating to research multiple residential electricians before commissioning one of them, but it's well worth your time. Aim to speak with at least three different potential electricians -- you might be surprised at how very differently electricians handle the same situations. Some important questions to ask each candidate include: 

  • What are the approximate starting and completion dates projected for the work?
  • What type of insurance does the potential electrician (or the company they're employed by) carry? Liability insurance is crucial, in case the electricians inadvertently cause damage to your home or property as they work.
  • Can the potential electrician provide references (preferably from homeowners in your area)? At least three references show that the electrician is proud of their work, and that they want clients to verify their skill. 
  • Will the potential electrician provide you with a detailed quote? Whilst the electrician might not be able to give you a quote down to the buck, a range of prices is still good if it's a fairly tight range (within a few hundred dollars.) 

Before You Make a Final Choice

Whilst you might have narrowed your choices down to one preferred electrician, be sure to get everything in writing before you make a final agreement. Be sure that the electrician provides you with a written contract that explicitly spells out information including: 

  • The price that you're expected to pay, and when the payment is due. Pay this sum by cheque if at all possible, so that there's clear evidence that you've paid for the services rendered. Of course, it's also best to obtain a receipt after you've paid. 
  • What happens if unexpected problems occur during the project? Make sure that the contract states that the electrician will speak with you prior to doing any additional work.

Need an electrician for your home? You're now prepared to get the top electrician in your area. Put these top tips into practise now!