Two Ways An Air Conditioning Service Reduces The Impact Of Menopause

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Two Ways An Air Conditioning Service Reduces The Impact Of Menopause

19 December 2017
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Christmas in Australia is a magical time of heatwaves, beach fun and eating prawns and salad while the Northern hemisphere shivers under a snow blanket. However, this year you are perimenopausal, and a summer of hot flushes does not appeal to you in the slightest. You already know you must set your air conditioning unit to arctic mode so you can survive this season, but did you realise your lack of annual air conditioning servicing impacts on your perimenopausal symptoms? Here are two reasons why you should be booking an air conditioning service.

Cooling efficiency

When an air conditioner is not cooling a house effectively, many times the problem can be traced back to dirt. A filter which has not been cleaned or replaced at recommended intervals, for example, is clogged with dirt and debris. This means the air conditioner passes less cold air through the filter and into your home. Have a look at the outside unit of your air conditioner. Is it covered with leaves and other tree debris? This dirt is blocking the air flow through the fins that are part of the unit's case. Your air conditioner transfers hot air through the internal evaporator and out through the fins of the outside unit. Blocked fins do not allow this hot air to escape away from home. Clearing away dirt is one part of an air conditioning service.

Energy efficiency

It is hard enough trying to retain an even temper when Christmas pressures crowd in, but when you have a larger-than-expected electricity bill, then your perimenopausal hormones are going to make you want to cry! An unserviced air conditioner is an inefficient use of energy. A blocked air filter dictates the unit works harder to push air through so your room stays cool. Additionally, a blocked up exterior case cannot dissipate as much hot air as a cleared fin case can. You will notice a reduction in your energy bills when you get your unit serviced.

Finally, an air conditioning unit which is running well is going to help combat the hot flushes. Keeping cool means a better night's sleep, which in turn leads to a happier, healthier you. A quick phone call to your local service provider is all you need to do so you can keep your cool and float through the rest of the summer feeling calm and ready to tackle whatever the family throws at you next.