3 Times You May Need House Rewiring Services

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3 Times You May Need House Rewiring Services

11 November 2020
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When should you have your home rewired? Electricians providing house rewiring services begin with an inspection to determine whether the rewiring is necessary and the project's scope. You can have your entire house rewired, or just some of the rooms.

There are generally three main instances when rewiring may be necessary. Here is a quick look at when you may need house rewiring services.

1.    Updating Wiring in Older Homes

The wiring in an older house may not be up to today's standards. Such may have the old use box, which should be replaced with the modern consumer unit. In some instances, this means that your system may not be able to support all your electrical load safely, which can be quite the inconvenience as you may be forced to restrict the type and number of appliances you can have plugged in at a time.

That said, not all old homes need rewiring. The findings of an inspection by a professional electrician will inform this decision and whether you need full or partial house rewiring services. If you are buying an older home, enquire about the property's rewiring history, if any, and have an electrician inspect the system.

2.    After a Major Remodel

If you are extending your home or carrying out a similar major renovation, you will need to ensure that your wiring meets the set standards and regulations. As your general electrician works on installing the electrical system in your addition, it is always a good time to get house rewiring services for the rest of your home. You can negotiate for a fair price if you bundle the services and have your electrician do it all at once.

3.    Replacing Faulty Wiring

Failing to replace faulty wiring as soon as possible poses a serious safety risk. The longer you wait to seek house rewiring services, the longer you expose yourself to the risk of electric shocks, and worse, electrical fires.

Some of the hard-to-miss signs that your wiring may be faulty include flickering lights, warm power outlets with a burning smell, a vibrating sound at the wall outlets and frequent circuit breaker trips. Your electrician can advise you on whether you need house rewiring services after an assessment of your system.

A Job for Experts

The only person to get in touch with for house rewiring services is a licensed electrician. Even if you only need to rewire a single room in your house, be sure to have an expert handle the job.