Lighting Ideas for Your Health Spa

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Lighting Ideas for Your Health Spa

28 March 2022
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Health spas are a popular option for people ranging from working mothers to people who simply need a modern world detox. In addition to ensuring your customers have access to the natural health and relaxation services they need, you also want to make sure they have a comforting environment. One way to do this is with lighting. Here are some lighting ideas that your commercial electrician can install for your health spa. 

Colour Changing Lighting

One of the options available to you in your health spa is colour-changing lighting. The misconception is that this means an ongoing colour change such as a rolling or pulse-activated change. The truth is, with this type of lighting you have the ability to not only change the colour in order to change the mood of the room, but you also have the ability to change the level of the lighting as well. For example, if you have a massage client you can offer them a specific colour for their massage session. This allows them to choose the colour that helps relax them for their session. You can then adjust the lighting to fit the brightness or dimness the client wants. 

LED Lighting Replacement

If you are considering replacing your current spa lighting, one option you may want to consider is upgrading to LED lighting. There are several reasons for this upgrade. The first is energy efficiency. LED lighting is known for using less energy than traditional electrical-based lighting. The second reason to choose LED lighting as part of your spa upgrade is due to temperature. LED lighting does not give off high heat. This gives two benefits to your spa. The first is it helps maintain areas of the spa that require a specific temperature, such as hot yoga classes. The second benefit is that you do not have to worry about the heat from the lighting causing uncomfortable environments for your clients. 

Remote Controlled Lighting

You may not think of having remote-controlled lighting as a benefit to your spa. However, it can be a great benefit to your employees. Having a remote-controlled lighting option in each area of the spa means you can adjust the lighting as needed for each client, each type of spa service, or during a spa service if necessary. Your employees can set a timer on the remote to change the lighting at the end of the session. This gives a softer entrance into the end of the session and allows your clients to maintain their relaxation level. 

When you are ready to create the lighting upgrades for your health spa, contact your area commercial electrician. They can discuss options, assess your property and determine what steps to take in moving forward and installation of your choices. They can also discuss upgrading current lighting and any retrofits that need to be made. If you have other commercial electrician-related needs, they can discuss those with you at the first consultation as well. 

For more information, contact a commercial electrician near you.