Do You Need to Install RCDs in Your Home?

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Do You Need to Install RCDs in Your Home?

7 June 2022
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If you live in an older home, when was the last time that you took a very close look at your electrical system? It's not unusual for property owners to let sleeping dogs lie over the years if nothing appears to be wrong. However, as time goes by, an old-fashioned electrical installation will become more and more outdated and potentially more dangerous. If you find yourself in this awkward situation, what is the first thing you should do while considering your broader options?

Times Change

Technology has advanced a long way since electricians first kitted out your property. Certainly, these contractors may have used the best equipment and resources of the day. However, modern-day systems are far safer and designed to protect properties from the risk of fire and safeguard people from electrocution.

Residual Current Devices

All modern-day builds are now required to fit safety devices, known as RCDs. These are installed at strategic points and can isolate a specific circuit should any issue arise. Residual current devices are programmed to monitor the flowing current, and if it is unbalanced or if there is any type of leak, they will automatically isolate the circuit. In fact, they will close down the circuit within fractions of a second, which will reduce or eliminate the risk of serious injury should anyone be in the vicinity.

RCDs are particularly important in the more vulnerable parts of the house, such as the kitchen, bathroom or utility room. Accidents are more commonplace in these areas, and you'll want to ensure that power can be isolated in the event of any issue.

Temporary Fix

Unfortunately, your property may not be fitted with any of these devices, so you may be at a greater risk. However, you can easily buy some portable devices from your local electrician as a temporary measure. Place them in between any appliances and a wall socket, and they will protect both that appliance and the circuit.

A More Permanent Solution

However, you should install some fixed devices instead, and this may involve a partial or even complete rewiring job. You may need at least one device in each room and perhaps some additional devices if you have any outdoor supplies. Talk this through with your electrician to see what they recommend. If they go ahead, they'll complete the work as soon as possible and certify that your property is now up to date.

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