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Business Advice: Electrical Inspections

If you own a business, you will understand that you cannot operate without power. If your electricity supply fails, you will not be able to operate your computer, your cash register or the air conditioning and lighting systems. That is why it is so important to have the electrical system in your business checked and repaired from time to time. I didn't know the first thing about the wiring and fuse boxes in my office until I called in a professional electrician. He made sure that everything was working as it should be. I am really happy and I wanted to pass on some advice to other business owners.


Understanding the Right Time to Rewire Your Home

22 November 2019
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How often do you call an electrician to check your home wiring systems? Your electricity system may seem okay, but they can still have hidden faults. Wiring faults are hazardous as they are responsible for many home fires in Australia. The good thing about the wiring, however, is that you can identify the deadly signs early enough before they turn hazardous. Early identification helps you to stay safe and also save on the substantial costs of dealing with the hazards. Read More …

PLC Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

29 January 2019
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PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller, and it is an industrial digital computer that has been adapted to control manufacturing processes. Here are some answered questions about programmable logic controllers. Overview PLCs have a wide range of uses. They can start from small modular devices with tens of I/Os to large modular devices with thousands of I/Os. When digital computers were available, they found application in industrial processes. One of the main traits of PLCs is reliability. Read More …

Inspecting and Replacing the Anode Rod in Your Water Heater

29 November 2018
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Usually, there are two problems you will encounter when using anodes to protect your water heater tank. These are corrosion and the build-up of calcium carbonate over time. Ideally, the purpose of having anode rods in the tank is to divert corrosion for the tank to the anode rod. The rod is thus eaten away in the process, reducing its ability to protect the tank. Secondly, you will notice a whitish substance accumulating on the rod over time due to a chemical process referred to as passivation. Read More …

Electricians 101

4 October 2018
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Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical power, power lines and lighting in homes, businesses and industrial properties. They install and maintaining electrical wiring that ensures a steady flow of electricity. Electricians can specialize in either construction or maintenance. Electricians that focus on construction install electrical wiring in residential homes or factories. Electricians that focus on maintenance fix and upgrade existing electrical systems and repair. Electricians are mandated by law to follow building codes when installing and maintaining electrical systems. Read More …

4 Essential Steps to Take If Your Car Battery Is Dead

15 August 2018
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Sometimes, you go out to start your car, and it doesn't seem to do anything. You turn the key, and the car appears to be 'dead'. In these situations, your battery may not be working, but luckily, you can repair the issue pretty easily and get back on the road. 1. Make Sure There Are No Cracks or Leaks First, find your car battery and visually inspect it. You don't need to be a car expert for this step. Read More …