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Business Advice: Electrical Inspections

If you own a business, you will understand that you cannot operate without power. If your electricity supply fails, you will not be able to operate your computer, your cash register or the air conditioning and lighting systems. That is why it is so important to have the electrical system in your business checked and repaired from time to time. I didn't know the first thing about the wiring and fuse boxes in my office until I called in a professional electrician. He made sure that everything was working as it should be. I am really happy and I wanted to pass on some advice to other business owners.


Do You Really Need to Install Wireless Security Cameras in Your Home?

31 May 2018
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When it comes to choosing the best security systems for your home, there are many options to consider. From security lighting and motion sensors to surveillance cams, these choices can be pretty overwhelming. As a result, it is normal to feel like you don't need systems such as security cameras. However, being able to access the cameras remotely and view a live feed of the happenings in your home can give you much-needed peace of mind. Read More …

Two ways to prevent electrical fires from occurring in your home

26 December 2017
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An electrical fire can endanger you and your family and could cause irreparable damage to your home. As such, it's important to take steps to prevent this type of fire from breaking out. Here are two ways to do this. Avoid overloading plug sockets Most households nowadays have dozens of different electrical appliances and gadgets. As a result of this, it's quite common for people to have a large number of devices plugged in at once. Read More …

Three Practical Guidelines for Inspecting and Maintaining Your Electric Oven

21 December 2017
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Kitchen electric ovens are designed and built to ensure extended service after installation. Their durable structures are resistant to mechanical stress, vibrations and extreme changes in temperature. Moreover, they can be used heavily without accelerated degradation. However, these appliances are not infallible and everlasting. If proper maintenance is neglected and the oven is used without servicing, it might fail prematurely. Therefore, you should inspect the oven and perform some light upkeep to promote optimal functionality. Read More …

Left In The Dark: Why Are My Light Bulbs Burning Out Prematurely?

20 December 2017
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Turning on a light only to watch the bulb fizzle and burn out isn't exactly the end of the world, however annoying it may be. However, it's also not a problem you should experience very often, and having to replace prematurely burnt-out light bulbs regularly can signify more profound problems with your home's lighting system that you may not be aware of.  A wide variety of problems and design flaws can cause a light bulb to die before its time, and if left unchecked, these problems can cause more significant (and expensive) issues with your home's electrical wiring down the line. Read More …

Two Ways An Air Conditioning Service Reduces The Impact Of Menopause

19 December 2017
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Christmas in Australia is a magical time of heatwaves, beach fun and eating prawns and salad while the Northern hemisphere shivers under a snow blanket. However, this year you are perimenopausal, and a summer of hot flushes does not appeal to you in the slightest. You already know you must set your air conditioning unit to arctic mode so you can survive this season, but did you realise your lack of annual air conditioning servicing impacts on your perimenopausal symptoms? Read More …